Sherlock Season 5 release date update: Should fans still wait?

Sherlock Season 5 is something that is being very highly anticipated by the fans. But, there has been no official confirmation about it till now. Even BBC has chosen to keep their mouths shut about it.

Nevertheless, we are a hopeful fandom. And there are many valid reasons as to why we should expect a Sherlock Season 5.

When is Sherlock Season 5 going to release?

Two years ago, in January 2017, Steven Moffat, the co-writer was asked about the future of the show. And he seemed to confirm that a fifth season might just happen.

Sherlock Season 5 Update

He revealed that they are constantly amazed by the people’s response towards Sherlock.

“We hope to carry this forward for as long as we can, “ Moffat said.

And obviously, after this, people started predicting about the possible future theories. But,Moffat has also said that he and Mark Gatiss are still to confirm the specifics of Sherlock season 5. And well, that might take up a lot of time.

Sherlock Season 5 News

Who is in the cast for the upcoming season?

On the brighter side, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are looking forward to return to their role, if everything goes fine. But Cumberbatch has also revealed that Moffat and Gatiss are still busy on other projects. So, it might take some time before anything concrete comes up.

Nevertheless, there is a high chance for a fifth installment of the British crime

drama. All we need to do is to do is to wait for an official confirmation from BBC. Therefore, hardcore Sherlock fans should not get their hopes very high until these claims and theories get proven by a verified source.