In 2015, Gwen Stefani got separated from her former husband Gavin Rossdale. Gwen had three kids from this wedding, and she possessed no plans to begin a fresh engagement as the happiness and comfort of her kids became the most essential point to her. However, her journey took an unexpected turn, when she met her soulmate – a guy who embraces her for the person she is, who adores her children, and demonstrates that individuals can indeed be joyful in whatsoever situation.

In 2014, Stefani came face to face with country music star Blake Shelton. They were panelists on The Voice. Gwen Stefani afterward confessed that she had no to little knowledge about Blake’s existence prior to the broadcast. However, once she met Shelton, she saw a strong attraction between them. Thus the romance commenced in November 2015. Nevertheless, initially, she was concerned about her three kids and if Blake would be interested in being involved in their lives.

Blake’s dad assisted him in adjusting to his new responsibility as a stepfather

Gwen feared her romantic story was nearly over until finding Shelton. She wasn’t going to be bothered regarding guys or affection. However, Blake showed up and remained with Gwen Stefani and her kids. He significantly changed the singer’s existence and brought her comfort.

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Blake’s dad assisted him in adjusting to his new responsibility as a stepfather. He previously got married to Blake’s mother when she previously had an older son.  He welcomed him as his very own son and then enhanced himself as his genuine dad. So, whenever the question about his desire to be married to a woman who had kids came, Blake understood the solution immediately. He attempted to keep the household as relaxed as feasible. Blake added “Finding a best friend and someone who is on the same plane when it comes to morals or the way you look at life, that’s the dream. Just having someone who’s like, we think the same about things.”

Blake owns a large property in Oklahoma, complete with lakes as well as horses. Gwen Stefani along with her children would occasionally visit there during the start of their affair. The kids seemed taken aback, and this took them some time to get used to their new surroundings after residing in Hollywood. However, over time, the ranch’s domain became their Playground. They would just go fishing and build campfires alongside Blake, and indeed the guy discovered a connection with the lads and adored them. Blake said “The two of them were like, ’Well, what do we do now?’ I go, ’Go out that door and don’t come back till you’re too tired to go any further.’ Well, they can’t even imagine just going down to the creek with a net or turning over rocks or getting on a buggy and driving around.”

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Blake Shelton constructed a church to propose Gwen Stefani

Blake discovered an unusual approach to expressing his affection to Gwen Stefani, who is a practicing Catholic. He constructed a church on his ranch’s property to propose to his love interest there. His emphasis in life shifted from job to home. The Singer said: “Even though I’m a stepparent, I take that job very seriously. The kids see me as a very important person in their life. [When they ask,] ’Why isn’t Blake here?’ I take that stuff to heart. I’ve made plenty of money, but you can’t buy time back. I don’t want any regrets.”

Moreover, Blake added: “Gwen and I have done so much traveling and touring and work the first half of our lives that now we’re like, ’Hey, I’m good to put my sweatpants on at 6 p.m. and watch Ozark eight times.’ That’s our life now, and we love it.”

Gwen Stefani is comfortable and content within this family. She considers her wedding to Blake to be a success. Shelton enjoys being around the kids and serves as a devoted stepfather. He strives to serve as a good example for the children and is constantly there for them.