Shawn Mendes flaunted his honed physique while taking a shirtless walk in Los Angeles on Friday, just days after openly rekindling his relationship with Camila Cabello at Coachella.

While wandering through the Hollywood Hills, the 24-year-old singer flaunted his muscular shoulders and sculpted torso.

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The three-time Grammy nominee wore baggy charcoal grey shorts, hiking shoes, and white calf-length socks for his casual stroll.

He appeared to be in good spirits as he strolled back to his car, wearing a pair of white AirPods.

Onlookers could see the enormous detailed butterfly inked to his toned left bicep and acoustic guitar, which was made up of the Toronto skyline, as he made the most of the April sunshine.

A source told us on Thursday that the Canadian heartthrob and Worth It singer, 26, has been quietly dating for weeks.

The couple fueled rumors of reconciliation this week when they were captured on camera sharing a passionate kiss at Coachella before holding hands in Venice, California, on Wednesday.

While the news of their romantic reunion surprised their followers, sources close to the couple claim it’s not surprising.

In reality, the couple has been secretly reconnecting for weeks, according to the insider, after ‘playing the field’ during their 18-month separation made them see how special their relationship truly is.

‘They have hung out several times with friends and alone in recent weeks. They are seeing where things go,’ the source told us

They have both gotten romantically connected with other individuals after their breakup in November 2021 after dating for two years, according to a source, which made them realize how special their romance with one another had been.

‘Having played the field for two years now, they both know now how special what they had was,’ the source went on.

‘Not to mention that their sexual chemistry is off the hook. Camila turns Shawn on like no other woman. She always has.’


Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes

Meanwhile, Shawn Mendes has been seen on multiple dates with other ladies.

In recent months, he has spent a lot of time with his longtime chiropractor, Dr. Jocelyne Miranda, 51, who is more than double his age.

Shawn Mendes and Dr. Miranda had been seen out together on numerous occasions, prompting many to suspect she was performing more than an alignment on him.

This was not the case, and it was later revealed that they were simply friends.

According to a source, Shawn Mendes and Camila never stopped having affection for one other during their time apart.

‘Camila began dating Austin, and Shawn Mendes began dating again,’ the source continues.

Camila and Austin announced their divorce just a few months ago.

‘He kept putting every girl up against Camila and she kept comparing her relationship with Shawn Mendes to Austin.’

‘This is one of the reasons that she and Austin did not work out. Camila has never stopped being crazy about Shawn Mendes and she has always felt that he was the one for her,’ the insider tells us.

Shawn Mendes and Camila startled a full Coachella crowd on Friday when they were seen making out in the middle of the festival.

Neither seemed to mind who was looking. They came with a group of buddies and left with another group of friends.

Camila looked coy when questioned by the paparazzi if they were back together as they exited the venue before getting into Shawn’s blacked-out SUV and driving away.