Shameless season 10 release date

Fans of Shameless have to wait a few more months to watch season 10 of their favorite show. The production of this installment is still going on. However, there have been some developments which could mean interesting things ahead.

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Kate Miner a regular

Shameless Season 9 Emmy Rossum leaves the showIt appears that Kate Miner has become a regular part of the crew. This could mean that the relationship between Lip and Tami could be getting serious.

Jeremy Allen White plays lip, and Tami is the name of Miner’s character in the show. The previous season focused on their relationship, and viewers will understand that it is not surprising that Shameless season 10 has taken such a return considering the events of the last installment.

In the last season, the couple started off exchanging sexual banters, and by the end of the season, it seems likely that they will be starting their own family. There was one flaw in their adorable story.

Tami susceptible to breast cancer

It looks like Tami carries the gene that makes her vulnerable to breast cancer. This was also the disease that eventually killed her mother. Season 10 will focus probably on the journey of the couple coming to terms with this horrifying realization.

release date for Shameless season 10

But there is so much more to look forward to in the story in the next installment. It appears that this installment will be a fresh start with the character of Fiona officially out.

We will have to see what the effect of Fiona’s departure is on the rest of the sisters. A release date for Shameless season 10 has not yet been announced, but we are hopeful that the show will return later this year.