Fans of Shadowhunters have some time back started a campaign of sorts to stop it going off air. They are all in so much awe of the show that they want it just to go on and on forever. But lest they know this is not some kind of a zombie infestation, which will not end.

The show going off air after season 3 finale


Shadowhunters is going off air after season 3 finale

But despite waging a war against an army of zombies, fans will have to settle with less fate. Shadowhunters is going off air no matter what. Its makers have confirmed the news. Season 4 of Shadowhunters will be the last of the series. Fans will get to see its glimpse during the finale of the season 3.

Beans have already been spilled so much about the season 4 that there is nothing much to speculate. Spoilers have spoiled the element of surprises in our life. But if we go by the statements made by the show makers Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer, then the chamber of secrets is still full. There are even more twists and turns and surprises in store for you.

Shadowhunters: there’s more to come

According to the makers, there is a story beyond season 3. It will revolve around Magnus and Alec. The dark side of Magnus in season 4 is grabbing all the attention. Alec is going to play a very important role to bring Magnus back from the dark side. And fans are already in love with this thought.

That is not all. Fans will have to see one more character hogging all the limelight. That is Jonathan Morgenstern. His dark side will also keep us thrilled. Season 3 is going to air on May 6, 2019. You can also watch the finale on Netflix.