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Netflix show, Sex Education Season 2 has already started filming. The light-hearted series will soon be back with some more fun. An exciting video confirmed the news.

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Cast of Sex Education Season 2

Sex Education Season 2 behind-the-scenes clips feature Jean Milburn (Gillian Anderson), Aimee Gibbs (Aimee Lou Wood), Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield),  Maeve Wiley (Emma Mackey), Adam Groff (Connor Swindells) and Eric Effoing (Ncuti Gatwa). The entire cast was laughing and giggling during their first table read.

Sex Education Season 2 cast release date
Credits: The Telegraph

Many shared the pictured from their first day on sets of Season 2 on the social media. We can assume from the clipping that the main stars will be back for another installment. Series creator Laurie Nunn is psyched about the show’s production. The show was given a nod for another season in February this year.

The reception to series one has been so exciting. Seeing how people across the world have connected to characters that began as ideas in my head is incredible.

Plot of Sex Education Season 2

The show’s creator expressed his gratitude to the fans. Nunn is really excited for the upcoming series of the show. The second season will mainly revolve around Otis. The storylines of the supporting characters will also expand and they will be able to showcase their talent in the upcoming series.

Sex Education Season 2 cast release date

Season 2 may also see Otis and Maeve finally hooking up. The first season already saw sexual tension building up between the two. Mackey is not sure of her character’s direction in the upcoming part. She feels that Maeve should instead focus on herself and her friendship with Aimee. Otis needs time as well before they move ahead in their relationship.