Karens should stop getting into other people’s business.

People don’t learn from their lessons. Each human being has their own rights and is permitted to lead their life by their own rules. But some people do not learn how to keep business to their own things. Wherever an active HOA exists, it seems to attract Karens.

They have the right to mess around with people and have no control over their activities. Today, we share a story when a Karen wanted a guy to be kicked out. She got want she didn’t expect. Read the story and you will understand the rest of it.

First, we have a bit of a backstory on the guy.

O seems to be a great puppy and deserves all the treats.

Things were going quite well until he heard a banshee scream coming from behind him.

Was she blind as well? Could she not see the leash? It wasn’t a clear leash, right?

Thank you for what? For making his eardrums bleed?

Honestly what she have against him? What did he ever do to her?

People like these always play the victim when it comes to any sort of authority.

The HOA wanted him to follow the rules so he decided that is exactly what he was going to do.

Bravo! Software developer here and I LOVE technicalities like this! It appears that those who go for being on the HOA board are the Nosey Nellies that like to get up in everyone’s business and tell them what to do – and being on the board they wield it like a weapon. Personally I think all HOAs should be illegal but until they are, folks need to stand up to them. –hdmx539

He started reading all the laws and regulations that would help him execute his plan.

And he found a few interesting things.

This guy was going to do it the right way so he got the permit.

Good idea to record her rude behavior.

She thought she had won when the police came.

But the grin on this guy’s face made the police falter a bit.

Honestly, they deserved a bit more than what they got.

I agree HOAs for houses are almost always a terrible idea. However, for condos, they make more sense. A condo owner (at least in the US) only technically owns the interior of the condo. The exterior is a shared space, and is owned and maintained by the HOA. They are responsible for fixing the roof, painting the walls, maintaining any shared grounds, etc. As for grilling and such, it’s probably out of fire concern. A building in my condo complex burned down because someone left a grill unattended on their balcony. There is now a rule against grilling on balconies. They made a good compromise, though, and installed some good-quality grills on the grounds for residents to use. –JoeyJoeJoeJrShab

I really wanna see her face when he grilled meat in front of her.