“She is apparently the first dog to learn to do this” ❤️

This story is of a talented painter, Bracha Fischel, and her cutest assistant. Fischel has developed quadriplegia and lives in Israel. After developing this health condition, she couldn’t use her hands much, however, this didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream as an artist. 

To make things easier, Fischel has the cutest assistant of all time. Her assistant helps her with so many things including opening doors, picking up objects, and other day-to-day work. So, are you excited to meet Fischel’s assistant? Well, it’s a dog and her name is Donna. We know it’s so sweet. 

“Donna brings brushes into my mouth, as well as pencils, felt-tip pens,” Fischel told The Dodo. “Everything I need to paint.”

Here’s a video of Fischel and her adorable assistant in action — but this is far from Donna’s most important way of helping:


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“She is apparently the first dog to learn to do this,” Fischel said.

“She does this with a lot of joy,” Fischel said.

“We are a good team,” she said. “I couldn’t do it without her.”