Servant is a popular Apple TV+ series with a unique storyline that has kept viewers engaged for four seasons. The show’s creators have intentionally kept the audience guessing, leading to a buildup of anticipation. However, the final episode of the fourth season has left many viewers with mixed emotions.


The episode picks up where the previous episode left off. Leanne gives Dorothy an ultimatum: if she wants to see Jericho again, she must agree to Leanne’s terms. Dorothy takes some time to consider her options while Sean and Julian wait in the car. She goes to Jericho’s room to grieve and contemplate. Leanne follows her and pleads with her to reconsider. When it becomes clear that Dorothy won’t change her mind, Leanne heads to the rooftop alone, where she screams at God and notices cult members watching her.

Leanne confesses to Dorothy that she was responsible for the fire that killed her parents. She admits that she hid instead of saving them and wanted them to die. Dorothy assures her that she was just a scared little girl who needs love and affection. They both confess their regrets for the past and ask for forgiveness from one another. Lightning strikes the roof, and Leanne protects Dorothy. Leanne worries that she can’t control the storm and her powers, so they return to the house. Sean’s wounds have reopened, and he needs medical attention.

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Leanne asks to retrieve something from inside, but she has other plans. She apologizes to Uncle George’s corpse, takes a ritual dagger, and sets the house on fire. She calls Tobe and talks to her mother via a mannequin dummy. She realizes that she was never good enough for her mother, but she now has Dorothy, who gave her everything she needed as a child.

Why does Leanne sacrifice herself?

Julian tries to enter the house but finds it on fire. Dorothy and Sean join him outside, and they try to enter through the back door. Cult members gather to watch the sacrifice. Inside, Leanne plays her favorite song and dances as the flames reach her. She blinds herself with perfume and cuts her arms with the dagger. She has begun the Church of the Lesser Saint’s reunion ritual and plans to kill herself to end the storm. The fire department arrives too late, and Leanne dies in the fire.

Ending Explained

Leanne’s sacrifice has worked, and the storm has disappeared, saving countless lives. The sacrifice also symbolizes Leanne’s redemption and closure for her past. She was consumed by guilt and believed that she deserved to die. However, she found a family in Dorothy and her loved ones, giving her a sense of belonging and purpose.

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The final episode of Servant’s fourth season has a bittersweet ending. The sacrifice of one character saved countless others and provided closure for the past. However, it also left fans with a sense of sadness and loss. The episode also showcased the exceptional writing and acting that has made Servant a standout series on Apple TV+.

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