When you see someone in a space for a long time, you start to develop a liking for the person. Negão, a senior stray dog from Brazil and he were found loitering around an under-construction gas station.

Although he was an abandoned stray dog, his love and persistence landed him at his full-time home and job at the gas station.


If you ever visit the Shell gas station in the town of Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil, you would be lucky enough to get a service from him.


A few years ago, Sabrina Planner and his partner decided to purchase the Shell gas while it was under construction. During their visit to the area, the couple noticed a senior dog wandering around the gas station. So, they decided to enquire about how long it has been for the dog to be in such a condition. Soon, they learnt that the dog had been dumped by his former owner, and so the couple decided to adopt him.

The couple took care of the dog and brought him some food, his bed and got him vaccinated.