Did you know that there is a tiny animal living under the sea that can perform photosynthesis? We know it sounds crazy but it’s true. We are talking about Costasiella kuroshimae also known as leaf sheep. They live under the sea and can be found near Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines. 

Since these cuties have cute feelers and beaded eyes, they look no less than some magical and imaginary cartoon characters. But actually, they are real and they exist in this world. 

What happens is that when these cuties feed on algae, they take all the chloroplasts and absorb them into their bodies. This funny process is called kleptoplasty.

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This cute little sea sheep is a sea slug that loves to eat algae

It is one of the only creatures in the world that can use algae to photosynthesize!

These little nibblers have been found everywhere from Japan to Indonesia and the Philippines