Scott Disick checks into a Rehab to sought Treatment

As per the latest sources, Scott Disick moved to a rehab center to sought treatment. He left Los Angeles on Tuesday for his treatment. Scott knew that he was spiraling out of control and required help. Thus, to sort things out, he decided to check into a rehab. Both, Sophie and Kourtney encouraged him to get professional help.

Also, after the news of the celeb being in rehab came out, several rumors started doing rounds online. The rumors claimed that Scott decided to move to rehab due to addiction to alcohol and cocaine. But, on Monday, Marty Singer refuted all such claims and told that the Keeping Up With Kardashians star was not addicted to alcohol and cocaine. Instead, he had checked into rehab to get over his past traumas.

Scott Disick and Kourtney

Scott had been silently suffering from the pain of the sudden death of his parents. After 3 months of his mother’s death, he dealt with the sudden demise of his father. Thus, to deal with his trauma, Scott joined a rehab. But, according to the latest reports, Scott has left the rehab facility now. Because his photos from the facility were leaked. Also, they have decided to take immediate legal action due to the invasion of his privacy.

Scott Disick and Kourtney with their kids

Scott Disick wants to be the best possible dad. And, that is why he and Kourtney are doing their best to co-parent the kids. Also, kids visit Scott regularly after the couple parted their ways. However, Scott Disick has been through tough times before, when the two of them separated. And, thus he is trying to cope up with the stress and trauma. Also, we are happy to see celeb’s decision to take help from a rehab facility.

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