You might have heard that the world is a f**ken scary place and a special group is keeping this fact away from humanity. Well, we thought that scientists comes under the “special group”. But turns out we were wrong. That’s because scientists are the ones who are taking to Reddit and spilling the beans.

They’ve decided to risk global panic by sharing some of the most terrifying science facts that the general populace doesn’t really know about.

Scroll down to have a look.

“In 1958, a 7600 lbs nuclear bomb was lost off the Georgia coast near Savannah. It’s never been found – Unlucky-Pomegranate 3”

In the interests of clarity, we’re not going to mislead you and say that this knowledge isn’t already out there, but for the most part, it’s the knowledge that’s not seen as a widely known fact. Also, it’s not s**t like ‘oh, yeah aliens are real, Cthulhu exists, and the lizard people do run the planet.

“Once symptomatic, rabies has a 100%* fatality rate. The only options are the rabies vaccine and immunoglobulin therapy, which, again, must be administered before any symptoms. – zipybug14”

“There is a gravitational anomaly in space called the great attractor which is pulling everything within the Virgo and Hydra-Centaurus superclusters towards it. It lies 150-250 million light years from the milky way, which itself is being pulled towards it too. The scary part is that relative to us, this anomaly lies within the same plane as our own galaxy making it very difficult to observe. Essentially, we have almost no concrete idea of what it is. – Nervous_Relation9213”

Nah, it’s the kinda s**t that beats at the heart of those things you’d rather not know. Things like gigantic and mostly unobservable vacuums in space, viruses that live in the soil ready to be stumbled upon, the horrifying reality of scurvy, and a tonne of other awesome facts.

“If your dog swims in a lake after receiving a spot-on flea treatment – it absolutely decimates the invertebrate population.

A large dog swimming in 8 Olympic swimming pools worth of water soon after treatment will leech enough neurotoxin to kill 50% of the lake’s invertebrate population within 48 hours.

There’s some awareness of this, but it’s not being taken seriously enough! – konwiddak”


“Hearing is supposedly one of the last senses to fade upon death based on EEG (brainwave recordings) – Feeling_Bathroom9523”

Final thought: Yeah, we’re not sure whether reading this was a good idea or not, but as always, we’re gonna throw it over to you. What things do you find terrifying that most of the world doesn’t know?

“Scientific litterature conclusion on alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases in general is that the diseases start decades before the first obvious symptoms and that we need to treat them at this stage. When you exhibit obvious symptoms, it’s too late, your brain is already mush.

If you get diagnosed with alzheimer’s at 65, you had the disease since your early 40’s at least. And you experienced very mild symptoms but didn’t notice it. And your brain fought like hell to compensate the deficit. When you get diagnose, your brain is already very severely damaged and will never recover from the deficit. – matrozi.”

Anyway, it all makes for pretty interesting reading. Give it a squiz. Just, you know, try not to lose any sleep over it.

“Anthrax can sporulate in dirt and stay viable for hundreds of years until the soil is disturbed and the spores inhaled. – TheThoughtwell”