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Scientists of China are Creating Tailored Genes Babies

Source: timesofisrael

The moment when the researchers in China first edited the human embryo genes in a lab dish back in 2015. The revelation has sparked a global outcry and also many scientists from around the world plead the Chinese scientist to not genetically engineer a baby by using this technology at least in the present day scenario.

Source: technologyreview

The invention is known as CRISPR, the invention is a dominant gene editing tool that is extremely easy and cheap to deploy and this has made the birth of humans being genetically modified via IVF. By the looks of it, things are happening all over again.


According to the medical documents that were reportedly posted online in China this month, a small team in Shenzhen in the Southern University of Science and Technology is allegedly recruiting a couple to create the first generation of gene-edited babies. The Chinese medical research team has also eliminated CCR5 a gene that might prove out to be resistant to smallpox, HIV and cholera.

Source: timesofisrael

The documents of clinical trials have reportedly described the study where CRISPR is allegedly employed for modifying the embryos of human beings before they get transferred into the uteruses of women.


He Jainkui is the scientist behind the entire project. Jiankui has not yet replied to a series of questions as to whether they have undertaken the procedure of the live birth. Upon being reached via telephone, He Jainkui has declined to comment.

Source: technologyreview

Nevertheless, the data which has been submitted as a segment of trial listing shows that the tests based on genetic have reportedly been carried out on a handful of fetuses which are six months old. The information regarding the pregnancy whether they were carried or termination or whether they are continuing is still not known.


It will become a medical science marvel if He and his team give birth to the first generation of tailored humans.

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