To make students ready for real life, schools have started revamping their curriculums. In the list of schools doing so, an Australian school has caught our attention. This school is teaching girls how to change tires and check oil levels. Scroll down to know the details. 

Schools all across the world are re-thinking some of their lessons.

And these subjects are said to bring about essential life skills for children…

There’s no denying that society’s expectations of women have indeed been changing.

However, gender equality for women still lags in one other realm:

It all started with one school in Spain that challenged the 1950s housewife stereotype…

Because, believe it or not, some people still think this way.

And, overall in the U.S. women clean more than men do.

The study also found that most men – seventy-seven percent – did no housework on any given day at all…

And these statistics are a far cry from other Western countries…

The study explained:

But why is this?

Well, it may just stem from their schooling system.

Colegio Montecastelo in Vigo, Spain recently launched a program that teaches its male students a whole array of household skills…

When the school proposed the idea to parents, they were overwhelmingly supportive of the program.

Educators hope that this program will teach these young men the values of teamwork in the home…

And now another school on the opposite side of the world is following suit.

The new initiative was put together to teach the girls vital life skills.

Galmatic’s website highlights the importance of being able to look after your own vehicle.

The news seemed to be well-received by lots of people:

Let’s hope other schools also follow in the footsteps of the Spanish and Australian schools.