A Scarlett Johansson starrer Black Widow first came into news when it was reported on 10 January last year that a writer has been hired by Marvel Studios. After this, it was confirmed that the long-awaited Scarlett Johansson solo project is finally under work. Further details were also released later on.

Who are the writer and director of Black Widow?

Jac Schaeffer was given the job of script writing. She has worked for Marvel before as well. She is even given the credit in the movie trailers and posters as one of the writers of “Captain Marvel”.

Schaeffer will also be the showrunner of Disney+ TV series “Vision and Scarlet Witch”. Cate Shortland will helm the Black Widow movie and this is all because of Johansson.

Scarlett Johansson is the only cast member to be confirmed yet for Black Widow
Credits: IBT

Cast and Timeline of Black Widow

Till date, Scarlett Johansson is the only cast member who has been confirmed. She made an appearance in 2010’s “Iron Man” as Natasha Romanoff first. She will get around $15 million for her role in the movie.

“Black Widow” sounds like Nat’s original story. It has been reported by several sources that the plot of “Avengers” will revolve mainly around Y2K.

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No Official News about Black Widow from Marvel

In spite of all the news about “Black Widow”, it is not technically official yet. Marvel Studios have only announced “Spider-Man: Far From Home” and no other projects yet.

Marvel Studios want to keep the entire focus on “Avengers: Endgame” only. At present, “Black Widow” is still considered to be in development.

The release date of Black Widow is yet to be released
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Release Date of Marvel’s Black Widow

As it is not official yet, Marvel hasn’t announced any release date for Black Widow yet. However, as per THR, it is going to start filming this year and the movie is likely to release next year.

Marvel Studios has reserved 31 July and 6 November of the next year for the movies. There is no announcement as to which movie will be released in these slots.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Mirror