We are surrounded by people who try to scam us in every which way that is possible. Some people might trick you into a game or could pull you into a fake emotional drama that you just can’t say no to. But not always people get fooled, sometimes scammers get a taste of their own medicine.

One such incident happened scammer who tried to pull his neighbor into a scam for fixing his flat tire. The scammer asked his neighbor for $50, “Hello it is your neighbor with some car trouble can you assist me.”

The targeted neighbor quickly replied, “What type of neighbor would I be if I didn’t help you”.  Little did the scammer know that he was in for extra drama, gossip and trolling.

The blogger named Amber Says shared the screenshots of the epic incident. So let’s discover what the incident looked like.

Hiptoro wanted to know more about the incident so we reached out  Amber Jacobs, the woman behind the viral response to the scammer. She agreed to tell us about how she deals with scammers. “I’m no stranger to scammers. I recognized the tone immediately. I think we’ve all had that text or phone call that has left us feeling angry or taken advantage of,” Amber said.

Amber introduced herself as “a small-town massage therapist”, and said that she finds it very offensive when anyone tries to pretend and seek something that isn’t their own. She also said that it’s not the first time someone has tried to fool her. “These days, our information is so accessible that these types of situations don’t surprise me anymore. I just hate that there are some people that aren’t able to recognize when they’re being scammed and taken advantage of.”


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