Whenever we hear of two-faced people, we don’t like it because this term is usually linked with negative connotations. But here is a cute cat that is all set to break this rule with her adorable looks. That’s right!

The hero of this story is Yana, an adorable chimeric cat who is killing the Internet with her unique looks. If you are excited to see this two-faced cat, keep scrolling.

P.S. She might steal your heart.

This is Yana the two-faced kitty and she is yet another miracle of Mother Nature.

Her split colored face makes her a perfect model for photos!

This is her owner Elizabeth, an architect and design student from Osha, Belarus, who studies at the National Technical University in Minsk.

Here, Yana is taking a walkout in the snow with her owner

Yana is quite popular on the internet with her 17k followers on Instagram!