The past Wednesday, Chelsea signed in Borussia Dortmund star Christian Pulisic on a five and a half million contract worth $ 81 million. However, the 20-year-old star will be staying in Germany till the end of this season.

Sarri was Unaware of this deal

But on Thursday, Maurizio Sarri admitted in a press conference that he was completely unaware of this move. Sarri revealed that until the signing was completed, he had no idea that Chelsea is planning to bring in the United States international.

He said that if he knew, he would have asked the club to sign him right away rather than waiting till next summer.

Chelsea Welcomes Christian Pulisic
Source- Sky Sports


Although he did say that a month back, the team was asking his opinion on Christian Pulisic. He said that Christian is an exceptional player and if Chelsea is thinking of bringing him in, they have got his complete approval.

But he never thought that Chelsea is actually planning for it. Sarri has got no complaints as he understands that he is not the charge of the market.

Chelsea in trouble with Offense

Chelsea is struggling with its Offense
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Chelsea is having difficulties with its wing. Both of their star wingers Rodriguez and Hudson are on the bench following their hamstrings. The situation worsened after Willian too was injured by Maya Yoshida.

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Chelsea is currently struggling with their attack. It is getting off to a good start but is unable to convert the opportunities into goals. Sarri is concerned about this issue and he said that he is putting all his efforts into this.

He said that he is not the charge of the market. All he can do right now is to improve his players, his team as a whole and work especially on their offensive phase.

Source- ESPN, Goal