‘Samurai 8’ Chapter 5- Predictions, Release Date and Spoilers- Hachimaru Kills His Father

It’s a pretty familiar story revealed in an all-new format which will kick start in chapter 5 of Samurai 8. We will see Hachimaru starting on a journey to become a Samurai.

However, this recklessness will lead on to the death of his father, which will place him on a road I take revenge on this whom he blames. Bring in some quests for all special keys and all fans will be attentive to the whole series.

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(This post may contain some major/minor spoilers)

‘Samurai 8’ Chapter 5: Predictions

‘Samurai 8’ Chapter 5- Predictions

Chapter five of Samurai 8 will be where Hachimaru will learn the way to use the sword from Daruma, as reported by The Anime Scrolls. We may see some skill show or an explanation as to what can be learnt from the training. Samurai 8 will be most likely one of the mangas where the main guy goes through a lot of hell just to be stronger.

‘Samurai 8’ Chapter 5: Spoilers

'Samurai 8’ Chapter 5- Spoilers

If we see no time skip in chapter 5 of Samurai 8, the death of Hachimaru’s father may not take place here, but has been initiated practically. The time when a young boy goes against the wishes of his father, he sealed his destiny and had no one to blame but himself. This hatred for oneself can be a great point to focus on if this were a story being narrated.

However, with the kind of manga Samurai 8 is, this won’t be the case. This becomes double for the platform that it’s being posted on. We all know that there won’t be enough mature themes in the manga. This is why chapter 5 of Samurai 8 will be again dull.

‘Samurai 8’ Chapter 5: Release Date

There will be many who will like to read Samurai 8 chapter 5 online. Next chapter will be out on 10th June.