Samsung is using iPhone for promoting Galaxy Note 9

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People have noticed in the past that celebrities and several other users usually promote a tech product by using a tweet and posting the tweet using an iPhone. It is both embarrassing and funny at the same time, what makes the scenarios much more embarrassing is that a tech company like Samsung has recently posted a tweet by putting using an iPhone as a caption.

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The controversial tweets might be old by a few days, but they were spotted over the weekend by Marques Brownlee, the acclaimed YouTuber. Samsung didn’t just use ‘iPhone’ in their twitter feed only once rather Samsung has used iPhone a couple of times in its verified Saudi Arabia and Nigeria accounts.


Samsung made the first tweet on the 18th of November. The post was made to promote the Super AMOLED display of Samsung Galaxy Note 9, however, Samsung mentioned ‘via Twitter for iPhone’. The same step was also repeated on the 25th of November by @samsungmobileeng.

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The post has again mentioned the infinity display of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 but ‘via the infamous Twitter for iPhone. Now moving on to the displays of Apple and Samsung, In the previous month, it was speculated that Apple will start the manufacturer of the displays for iPhone.


As soon as the tech firm based in Cupertino is concerned it is has revealed that it only needs a certain number of OLED panels in iPhone X, the numbers haven’t apparently been made yet and then iPhone X went back in production.

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If a change such as this takes place, it will be quite enticing as to at which price segment will Apple sell its iPhone X. And as of now three new iPhones were reportedly spread across several price brackets.


In the meantime, Samsung has launched a new colour variant such as Snow White to Note 8 in Taiban which also comes the wit ha similar S Pen.

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