Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Coming with a stunning screen with vibrant colour Samsung has designed the Galaxy Tab S4 to offer the users a PC experience in a tablet. This new tablet from Samsung has already raised the bar on its predecessor concerning performance.

If you need a tablet that offers more this can be something you should go for. But wait! Investing a hooping 650 bucks for a tablet does not a sound joke right? So, here we are sharing our takes on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 to make you decide quickly.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 – The Pros & Cons

  • Excellent battery life
  • Bundled with powerful S Pen
  • Compact Design & lightweight
  • Gorgeous display with stunning colours
  • Offers smoother multitasking with the presence of Dex
  • Mediocre Android Applications
  • Face Scanning can be a hit or miss
  • Need to buy Keyboard and Mouse additionally
  • DeX mode can make you feel frisky and unpredictable as well

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 – 5 Things You Need To Watch Out

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 with accessory.
All new Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 with the keyboard. Credits: The Verge

When it comes to premium tablets what more and more people look for is that it’s good for entertainment and you get some work done as well. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is perfectly designed for that sort of things. Since it can be the powerhouse of entertainment for you. Here are the 5 things that can help you to distinguish this masterpiece from others.

The Design

Galaxy Tab S4 design.
Design of Galaxy Tab S4. Credits: Trusted Reviews

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 has a 10.5 inch Super AMOLED display. Measuring 7.1mm and weighing 482 grams(1.06 pounds) the Galaxy Tab S4 passes as a lightweight device. Since it comes with a glass back and fronts you can assume it as a fingerprint magnet. Most importantly it is well balanced.

Entertainment Powerhouse yet Productive

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 with AMOLED display.
The Samsung Tab S4 comes with exciting features. Credits: Android Police

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is brilliant as a media-consumption device, but the manufacturer’s original goal is to make it productive. That is why the inclusion of the keyboard makes it worthy. However, you need to pay an additional $149 for the keyboard. The keyboard can work both as a stand and a case for the tablet. But the only thing that can disappoint you is you can’t adjust the angle of the screen when connected to the keyboard.

The Inclusion of The DeX Mode

Galaxy Tab S4 Dex Mode.
Galaxy Tab S4 Dex Mode making your tablet into a PC experience. Credits: Neowin

Samsung has its specialized software DeX, to give the Android a desktop-like interface. It comes with separate window option, browser tabs and a taskbar as well. Previously, on Samsung phones, you have to plug into a dock to enable this, but in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, you can find it as just another mode.

While the inclusion of the DeX mode is one of the most convenient features of the Tab S4, still it can fill like unpredictable. Other than that, as the user experience suggests with the DeX mode, Samsung has accomplished something unusual as an Android device.

The Bundled S Pen

The Samsung S Pen
Now the Samsung Tab S4 comes with an S Pen. Credits: Medium

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 has a pen which you can say is mightier than the keyboard. The S Pen can offer you a great experience with your tablet. The full-size pen is very comfortable to use and hold as well. The best is you don’t need to charge the pen to use it.

You can write directly on display without opening any other app. Pressing the button on the barrel while hovering over the screen gives you the menu option which is loaded with some utterly productive tools.

In conclusion, we can say that Samsung has done the job of making an Android tablet which can offer the productivity of a PC quite amazingly. End of the day it’s an Android device which shouldn’t be compared with the iPad. After aided with some super cool features it just lacks the presence of a trackpad.  In addition to that, the cost $800 for a tablet feels heavy in the pocket.

Not being up to the mark in comparison with an iPad still far better than a simple Android tablet the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is one of its own class and, a new genre in the tablets’ clan.