Samsung Galaxy S9 and Google Pixel 3 list as the top contenders for Android Flagship smartphones. There are a lot of contenders in the Android heavyweight division, yet the greater isn’t always better. Tragically, in case you’re searching for a really extraordinary Android phone and you don’t need something that is too enormous to manage one-handed, at that point your decisions are somewhat restricted.

Apparently, the two best pocket-accommodating Android phones originate from Samsung and Google. Be that as it may, which is better? Discover as we pit Google Pixel 3 versus the Samsung Galaxy S9 in an assortment of classifications to pick a champ.

Performance, battery life, and charging

It’s nothing unexpected to find that both these phones include the current year’s most mainstream flagship processor — the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. They likewise both have 4GB of RAM.

Google Pixel 3 has a perfect pocket sized device.
Google’s Pixel 3 is a hair away from pocket-sized perfection. Credits: Digital Trends

You can expect smooth execution and no issues running the most recent games and applications with either phone, in any case, the Pixel 3 feels extensively smoother, thanks to Google’s software skills.

It additionally performed marginally better in our benchmark tests. While you can get either with 64GB or 128GB of storage, the Galaxy S9 additionally has a 256GB variation and has a Micro SD card opening for expansion.

Unfortunately, battery life is an Achilles’ heel for the two phones. The Galaxy S9 has a touch greater limit, however, whichever one you pick, busy days will see a charge drain a long time before sleep time. Both help quick charging, yet the Pixel 3 charges more rapidly than the Galaxy S9.

Champ: Google Pixel 3

Design and Durability

Samsung Galaxy S9 has a glossy back touch with a premium look.
Samsung S9 has a better glossy touchback which gives it a premium look. Credits: Digital Tends

Samsung has refined its bent structure to close flawlessness in the Galaxy S9. The screen bends into the metal casing and so does the glass back, and it feels extraordinary close by. The fingerprint sensor is on the back, just beneath the focal camera lens. The front is a total screen, with thin fragments of bezel top and base.

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The Pixel 3 is significantly less appealing at first look, yet the scratched glass back makes it agreeable to hold and furthermore enables it to dodge the typical unique fingerprint smudge-fest.

There’s a central fingerprint sensor on the back, however, the camera focal point is at the top left. The screen on the front is somewhat littler than the Galaxy S9’s and there are greater bezels top and bottom, however, this allows for front-facing speakers.

They’re both glass, so you’ll need a case for assurance. They likewise both have IP68 evaluations, which implies you don’t need to stress over rain or even submersion in shallow water.

It’s a Tie


Galaxy S9 is ahead in the display competition.
Samsung Galaxy S9 has the Super AMOLED display. Credits: Hardware Zone

It’s a demonstration of Samsung’s design skill that it has figured out how to pack a 5.8-inch screen into the Galaxy S9. Indeed, even the doomed Note 7 just had a 5.7-inch screen. The S9 has an 18.5:9 perspective proportion, while the Note 7 was 16:9. The Pixel 3 has a 5.5-inch screen with an 18:9 angle proportion.

Samsung’s AMOLED innovation has driven the field in cell phone screens for quite a long time, yet the challenge is getting up to speed. Google additionally has an OLED screen in the Pixel 3, but at a resolution of 2,160 x 1,080 pixels, it isn’t exactly as sharp as the S9’s display, which goes up to 2,960 x 1,440 pixels. Indeed, even with the additional size, the S9 scores a pixel-per-inch (PPI) rating of 570, contrasted with 443 for the Pixel 3.

Champ: Samsung Galaxy S9


The camera quality is pretty good in Galaxy S9.
The Camera quality over the Galaxy S9. Credits: EPHOTOzine

On paper, both have two single-lens primary cameras appraised around 12 megapixels, and both are great, yet the Pixel 3 shows signs of improvement shots than the Galaxy S9. Truth be told, the Pixel 3 is our supreme camera phone champion. It’s quick and simple to utilise, empowering you to get superb photographs with no fiddling.

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The Galaxy S9 camera is not bad either. It has a variable gap that empowers it to take full advantage of various lighting conditions, as well as a picture mode, called Selective Focus, but it battles to contend with the Pixel 3 on that front.

The camera quality of Google Pixel 3 is better than Galaxy S9.
The focus to detail is much better on the Google Pixel 3. Credits: Cnet

There are additionally a ton of additional items, similar to Super Slow Motion, which is exceptionally cool, and AR Emojis, which are not. The Pixel 3 wins the front-facing camera fight also, with a double 8-megapixel lens, which empowers you to take wide selfies, perfect for crushing in gatherings or getting some foundation into your selfies.

Victor: Google Pixel 3

Software and updates

If your concept of a Samsung phone is TouchWiz, you’ll be happy to realise that the maker has redesigned its UI and thinned things down fundamentally. The S9 propelled with Android 8.0 Oreo and Samsung’s Experience UI over the best.

Samsung includes some customization choices and highlights that are helpful and some that aren’t. We’re likewise not sold on the helpfulness or ease of use of Samsung’s applications contrasted with Google’s applications, and Bixby is light-years behind Google Assistant.

The Touch Wiz has now been updated to Experience UI.
The new Experience UI is better then Touch Wiz. Credits: Android Beast

The Pixel 3 propelled with Android 9.0 Pie and some elite Google programming highlights like Now Playing, which discloses to you what melody is playing, and Screen Call, which can screen calls for you, giving you an ongoing transcript.

The Android experience on the Pixel 3 is as Google proposed, and it’s by a long shot the slickest we’ve at any point experienced on an Android phone.
Champ: Google Pixel 3

Special Features

We’ve referenced Now Playing and Screen Call, and we’ve likewise talked about the remarkable highlights in the Pixel 3’s camera. Night Sight was included as an update after release. However, there’s one more A.I. feature we’re hanging tight for: Google Duplex, which will empower Google Assistant on your Pixel 3 to make appointments or bookings for you.

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Out of three the Google Assistant is better than the other one.
The major three AI assistant currently in the market. Credits: Cnet

We aren’t awed by Bixby or AR Emojis, however, we do love the Super Slow Motion video mode.

Google’s exceptional features are things we use every now and again, while Samsung’s aren’t.

Champ: Google Pixel 3


The Samsung Galaxy S9 begins at $720 and you can get it and use it with any significant carrier. In the event that you look around, you’ll discover one for a reasonable piece not as much as that now. The Google Pixel 3 begins at $800, however, we have likewise observed it discounted so watch out if you need to get one. You can discover the Pixel 3 at Verizon, or purchase an opened handset that will work with any real bearer.

Google Pixel 3 is a better choice against Galaxy S9.
Google Pixel 3 tops in most field and is the better choice. Credits: Journal Diary

Overall winner: Google Pixel 3

The Google Pixel 3 is just the best Android telephone you can purchase at the present time, so it normally wins out by and large. It offers smooth execution, astonishing programming highlights, and the best camera you’ll discover in a cell phone.

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In case you’re used to Samsung phones, and you discover an incentive in the additional items that the Galaxy S9 offers, then it could be the correct decision for you, particularly since it’s probably going to cost you a bit less.