Samsung Galaxy S9 Android Pie Update is finally rolling out and other devices are also getting the update. We also get a glimpse of what Samsung is planning for 2019.

The Android Pie also referred to as the Android P is out for the Google devices and some devices running stock android.

Due to the slow roll-out of the Android 8.0 Oreo update and the Android 9.0 Pie update on Samsung Galaxy S9 devices, customers are getting worried. Still, Samsung is just releasing the update to flagships and some Galaxy model. Isn’t that exiciting.

Samsung Galaxy Oreo Update Roll Out

Samsung is lingering to provide Oreo update to its devices. Still there exists devices that have Android Nougat. Samsung released the Android Nougat update after months of its release.

Samsung has still not reached many devices with its Oreo updates and planning to launch Pie.
In January Samsung released its Oreo update for Note 8 and S8 series. Credits: Phone Arena

When finally Samsung Galaxy S9 series got the update, the company was still receiving security patch updates every now and then. This means that the hardware of Samsung is still resolving the update.

Will this also happen with the Android Pie update?

Currently, the flagships are running the Android Oreo 8.1 and many others are still on Android Oreo 8. These devices will be getting an update directly to Pie as some sources suggest. This means no middle update.

Awaited January Update for Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9

Samsung will be releasing updates to Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 series with a security update package. This package would contain Android Pie and security improvement depending on the device.

Fianllaly Samsung is introducing Android Pie for flagship series this month.
Samsung Galaxy S9 series will be receiving Android Pie this month. Credits: The Nerd Mag

Other mid-range phones would be receiving a security patch update only. These devices would be getting the update later. Still, a Beta version would be available as an option through Samsung+ application.

Samsung Galaxy S9 series, Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy A series would be getting Android Pie update in January. All the other devices will get a security patch update. Mid-range devices need to wait again this time.

Android Pie features for Samsung Galaxy S9

It is a lot different from the older version of Android. It would be an update with the One UI. This means it is better and more convenient as it would be a combination of Touch Wiz and Android Stock.

Some specific most significant updates would be:
  • Dark Mode for the night.
  • Curved Edges with card style UI.
  • Revamped Samsung Messages.
  •  Gaming available with a floating keyboard.
  • Lift the phone to wake.
  • New Clock view

There will also be a Screen optimizer for a camera so as to fill up more colors in imaging. Samsung has given a better Flaw Detection camera feature in Galaxy Note series. Space will automatically be filled in when using swipe type after every numeric.

Android Pie Beta for Samsung Galaxy S8

Google launched its pre-release version of Android Pie as a Beta version of the Android. Companies such as Sony, One Plus and Nokia partnered up with Google for this early bird.

Samsung didn’t join hands with Google on this version. So Samsung was very late in supplying this update. Still, it is exclusive to Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9 and mostly for devices of South Korea and India.

Release Date of Android Pie For Samsung Galaxy S9 And Galaxy Note 9

Samsung is holding its annual developers’ conference in January 2019. On this event, it would be releasing its Android Pie update for flagships only.

This update would also be geographically concentrated where the consumer is higher. Countries like Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Netherlands, Israel, India, Turkey, The UAE and South Korea would be getting the updates.

The Galaxy S8 series and Galaxy Note 8 series would be receiving updates in March. Others will accordingly be delayed. But Samsung is trying to touch most of its devices to which hardware is compatible.

A better security patch with upgraded Lock Down Mode.
Samsung would be receiving an update of Lock Down Mode in Android Pie. Credits: Digital Trends

Security and Bugs fixes with the Android Pie

The Android Pie update would be fixing all the bugs that were present in Oreo. Background app management is much better this time. Apps are sent to a dormant kind of stage where only background data would be limited.

This service would definitely increase the battery life as well as provide a smoother experience across platforms. Data usage would also be managed properly and due to that, the processor would be focused on the live app more.

The new security patch is providing better security to the Samsung. Samsung Pay security bug is also fixed and a better lockdown mode is being employed.

The GPS errors, Bluetooth pairing errors and other issues are also fixed. The Samsung Galaxy S9 update would still not be perfect.

The problem with Samsung is every Android update is to be worked upon by its own R&D. This means the UI of Google would be changed according to the Samsung UI. Then this package needs to made compatible with all devices. This takes a lot of time.

What other features are there for Samsung Galaxy S9 after Update

The Night Mode in Samsung Galaxy would be interesting. This update would be working with Super AMOLED would look great. The dark screen will also better vision during the mode and better battery management.

Samsung got the early bird beta version late on its flagship devices.
Android Pie Beta version with the One UIX. Credits: Slash Gear

There is a better Adaptive Battery is the feature needed for Samsung Devices. This makes a battery backup and kills background app. This will also improve RAM management for the device. This what Samsung needed long.

Finally awaited floating keyboard will be present. Finally, gaming and entertainment will be fun and you can stay connected with other people too.