Samsung Galaxy S11 specs price release date

Samsung Galaxy S11, the South Korean giant’s next big flagship, specs may pack far more juice than early reports suggested.

Samsung, the multinational conglomerate, after the release of their flagship line-up of devices under the Galaxy S10 monarchy the company now aims to release a follow up to its precedent, i.e., the Samsung Galaxy S11.

As of now, there’s nothing official concerning the device, but we do have some notable news regarding the new Samsung Galaxy S11.

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According to reputable Korean news sources, the Galaxy S11 specs will feature a whopping 64-megapixel monster camera.

Samsung on their company news blog stated that they have developed two new camera sensors. One is 48MP, and the other is 64MP, both usable on smartphones.

Currently, the highest megapixel count on any smartphone is 48MP.

Samsung Galaxy S11 specs: 64MP camera, all screen design and more!

The new camera sensor is capable of delivering top-notch low-light photographs, better image processing, better contrast, and more dynamic range.

According to Korean media, the Samsung Galaxy S11 will also come with a full-screen display. Meaning nothing will cover the phone’s screen, not even a notch. The camera lenses will be under the screen, and the same goes for the fingerprint scanner.Samsung Galaxy S11 specs camera

One bad news is that the new Galaxy device won’t have a headphone jack. yes, the Korean giant is set to ditch the 3.5mm audio jack as per rumors. The once-omnipotent headphone jack is now nearing its death.

Apart from this, the new Galaxy S11 won’t have any extraordinary things per se. The spec sheet is expected to follow the industry course. We will see the latest processor from Qualcomm and Samsungs own SoC being used. There will be more RAM and Battery from the previous generation.

Price and release date

Samsung S10 saw a release in February of 2019 at the Samsung Unpacked event so we expect that the S11 too would follow the same suit next year, meaning a release date of February/March 2020.

Samsung Galaxy S11 price is again unknown but be ready to pay a hefty amount mostly upwards of $1000.