Samsung Galaxy S10 Beats Galaxy S9 In More Than Just Specs

Last year, the Samsung Galaxy S9 failed to generate the excitement it was hoping for at the launch. However, the company has invested a lot in the Galaxy S10 and it has paid off.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Beats Galaxy S9 In More Than Just Specs

A triple lens camera with a completely new design, built-in fingerprint sensor, and Infinity-O display has made it way more appealing than the Galaxy S9.

The Galaxy S10 was not just a big success for the brand, but it was also a look into the future of smartphones. However, we still cannot be sure if this is going to be enough to get the market back on track which has been on the decline.

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S9

According to the reports from The Korea Herald, it is believed that the company is going to ship 10 million Galaxy S10’s in the first quarter. This is going to be followed by another 10 million Samsung Galaxy S10 phones being sold in the April quarter.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Beats Galaxy S9 In More Than Just Specs
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If we compare these numbers to the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S9 then we can see some progress from Samsung’s perspective. The company sold 19.2 million Galaxy S9 phones in the first six months of 2018. For the entire 2018 year, the number of sales for the Galaxy S9 phones went up to a total of 35 million.

This means that if the Galaxy S10 continues the trend line, it will successfully ship 40 million phones this year. This is going to be a noteworthy success as the smartphone market is facing a dip.

“Considering that the smartphone market is undergoing a slump, the Galaxy S10 is faring well,” one industry official told the Korea Herald. “However, it is unavoidable that demand will slow in the second half.”

Given the choice, which phone would you rather choose, the Galaxy S10 or the Galaxy S9? Make sure to let us know in the comment section below!

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