Samsung Galaxy Fit vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung Galaxy Fit, which was unveiled in February alongside the flagship lineup of Galaxy S10 has finally hit the stores. On the other hand, Samsung had launched the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active not too long ago, which has health tracking features similar to Galaxy Fit.


If you are confused between these two offerings from Samsung, then this comparison guide is just for you.

Design: Samsung Galaxy Fit vs. Galaxy Watch Active

Since Galaxy Fit is a fitness tracker, it uses an elongated rectangular display which is similar to Gear Fit. According to Samsung, the Galaxy Fit weighs as much a single strawberry.

The Galaxy Watch Active follows a traditional watch design with a circular watch face. It features an AMOLED display at 360×360. Interestingly, Galaxy Watch Active has ditched the rotating bezel and uses two physical buttons for interaction.

Specs: Samsung Galaxy Fit vs. Galaxy Watch Active

According to Samsung Galaxy Fit can last on a single charge; on the other hand, Watch Active lasts two days. When compared Fit has 120 mAh and Watch, Active has 236 mAH battery.

Samsung Galaxy Fit

Samsung has cut down on a lot of features to bring the price down of Galaxy Fit. Smart bands lack NFC, GPS, and swim tracking. The band does not have any internal storage and it cant sync with third-party apps.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

The Watch runs on a fully fledged Samsung Tizen OS. It sport s 4GB of internal storage that allows you to store music and install apps. The Watch Active is powered by Samsung Exonys 9110 processor and 728MB of RAM.

Unlike the band, The Watch Active has a GPS that allows you to track your jog.

Health Tracking: Samsung Galaxy Fit vs. Galaxy Watch Active

The Galaxy Fit has all the features that other fitness trackers in the market offer. You can track your heart rate, sleep, stress level and workout on the Galaxy Fit.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

As expected Galaxy Watch Active has a plethora of health-related features. Watch Active is the first smartwatch from Samsung that allows users to track their blood pressure.

Which one should you buy?

The decision boils down to the price and features you need on a health tracking device.

If you are looking for a device that is less intrusive and offers basic info related to your health then you should go with the Galaxy Fit as it costs $99.

If your buying choice is not constrained by money, then the Galaxy Watch is a solid option at $175.