Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling, both of them who starred in the psychological thriller “Murder by Numbers,” were in the spotlight because of their relationship and the age gap between the two. Even though the couple never confessed their love for each other on screen, they were definitely more than just friends. They didn’t make a big deal out of dating, and the fact that they were 16 years apart in age didn’t seem to matter either.

They always complimented each other. Even though Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling’s relationship ended on a good note, Bullock once called him “little Buddha.” Read on to find out what she said about him in an interview.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Sandra Bullock said that even though Ryan was only 21 when they started dating, he calmed her life down in a good way. She says,

To chill. I live my life at a manic pace, and he’s taught me to disregard all that isn’t important.

She called Gosling “Buddha” when she talked about what she had learned from him.

He’s like a little Buddha.

Ryan Gosling Called "Little Buddha" By His Then-Girlfriend, Sandra Bullock for Changing Her Life

Ryan Gosling said that the entertainment industry was to blame for their split. He also referred to Sandra Bullock as one of his “greatest girlfriends.” He said,

Show business is the bad guy. When both people are in show business it’s too much show business. It takes all of the light, so nothing else can grow.

When they started dating, it was rare to see an older woman with a younger man in those days. This, however, changed the way people date. But the couple broke up and went on to find love elsewhere. Ryan Gosling with actress Eva Mendes, and Bullock with photographer Bryan Randall. Ryan Gosling and Bullock both have two children of their own. Bullock has two adopted children, and Gosling has two daughters with Eva Mendes.