Russia’s number 2 mobile phone operator, Megafon has dragged the outage issue on its cellular network over Hewlett Packard Enterprise to the California Court and is suing the company.

In the lawsuit filed by Megafon, it has accused that the system built by Hewlett Packard Enterprise to store the data of the user and its services failed repeatedly. The total sum of the failure accounts to $200 million but the company has left the amount to be determined by the court.

The suit has been filed in the District Court of the United States on the 23rd October stating that the Russia division of HPE had signed a deal in 2013 to upgrade Megafon’s wireless network. The deal was more than $28 million in worth.

The User Data Repository of HPE went through various catastrophic failures in cascading manner which led to network outages in the November of 2016 and April and May of 2017, as is stated by Megafon.

According to the lawsuit filed by the company, the company had to shut-down the cellular network of more than 80 million subscribers because of the failure of HPE’s system.

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The damages mentioned by Megafon which it had to bear included the funds which the company had paid to HPE along with the repair costs, the lost customers and the requirement of a new UDR system which will be built as estimated cost of $28 million or more.

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Megafon intended to upgrade its wireless network in order to combine its eight regional networks for which HPE was supposed to build a system to that would allow the company to an access to a single federal network via SIM cards.

Megafon therefore signed a deal with the Russian division of HPE but the company failed to provide apt services as per the deal to Megafon.

Source: Reuters, NewYorkTimes