A sea luxury that was under production at the Russian Lotus Shipyard in Astrakhan will be set up to set sails in 2019. It has been over 60 years for Russia to get back into the luxury ship line of such a class.


Credits: Osoris


The underside of PV300 is having a capacity of 300 travellers was prepared at the shipyard in August of 2018. The sea luxury ship would be a four Decker which will be a five star hotel. “We are finalizing hull forming for the PV300 project, started loading large-size equipment and hope that tests of this vessel will start in 2019. Then, since this is the piloted ship, we would like very much to have no delays during trials,” United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) President Alexey Rakhmanov said.


Credits: Star Cruises

In the midst of 2019, Astrakhan-based shipyard will invade “the active phase of building two Golden Ring class passenger ships” designed for river cruises, he added further. The 4 Decker ocean rover would be 141-meters in length and 16.5 meters in breadth would be able to board 300 travellers, 90 crew-members and helpers. This buoyant hotel will be offering verandas, portico and deck-houses which will be ordinary and elegance class. The Lotus shipyard where this luxury is being manufactured is the largest yard in southern of Russia. It specialises in constructing in structure for large containers of different sizes.

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Source: RT News, TUSS Russian News Agency