How would you survive in a place where the temperature drops down to as low as  -27.4°F? Sounds like survival in such a place is not easy, isn’t it? But there are people living in Norilsk, which is one of the coldest places in Russia. 

What has surprised everyone is that this place has received the snowfall of two months in just 5 days. It’s crazy, right? Of course! When we hear something like this, all we can do is wonder how the locals of this place are surviving. 

To give a little glimpse of how this place was looking right after so much snowfall, we have listed 30 pictures. You can scroll down to see them all. 

Besides being famous for being one of the coldest cities, Norilsk is also known for producing nickel, copper, and more. This city is located 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle. The reason that this place is considered one of the coolest in Russia is that locals face the perpetual night of polar winter in December. 

The New York Times reports that “at one point, the company belched more sulfur dioxide a year than all of France.”