Russian Ammo Explosion: Full Video, Cause of Fire, Death Toll and Military’s Involvement

    Russian Ammo Explosion

    Russia has once again hit by a tragic incident like Chernobyl with a series of blasts at a military installation. An entire Russian town has been evacuated following the smoke cloud forming in the sky which can be seen from miles away. The whole incident seems to have happened at the military site in Kamenka village in the Siberian region of Krasnoyarsk. The officials have advised the people in the area to stay as far from the blast radius and they are trying to take control of the situation.

    Russian Explosion Full Video


    Local people were able to capture the whole incident on video and one can clearly see the massive range of the explosions. It feels like fireworks on the sky and the whole scene is devastated. Russian media is trying to make sure that the video is not out in the world, but the work is already done and there is no point in stopping it now.

    Cause of Fire and Blasts

    Russian Ammo Explosion Cause of Fire

    While the exact cause of the fire is not known, the military site was used to keep gunpowder for artillery shells. By the first look inspection, it feels like one of the missiles got fired accidentally and it spread out in the whole plant. There are about 40,000 artillery rounds, caliber 125 and 152 millimeters in the two facilities and both of them are burning.

    Death Toll in the Area

    Russian Ammo Explosion Death Toll

    As per the latest reports, one person is confirmed dead and at least seven people have been injured in the military store. Apart from that, many soldiers are trapped in the nearby bomb shelter. They are unable to escape due to the thick fire cloud and can soon have serious problems if not rescued. The soldiers are unable to get out as the explosions are still happening.

    Military and Government Action

    Russian Ammo Explosion Government Action The population in the nearby area has been shifted to other parts of the country and emergency services have been called. Deputy Russian defense minister Dmitry Bulgakov has been ordered to fly at the scene and report back to President Putin. Buses and other big vehicles have been sent to the area and temporary arrangements of shelter and food are done.

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