Ruby Rose to star as The CW’s solo Batwoman Series and forthcoming Crossover

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Reportedly, The CW has released the first look at DC’s first character from Batman’s Franchise, Batwoman. Ruby Rose will reprise the role of Batwoman in The CW’s superhero crossover in Arrowverse and the forthcoming Batwoman series.

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The first photo of Ruby Rose as Batwoman leaked on early Tuesday, but now the network has officially released a picture where Rose dons a black suit with a symbolic red coloured bat symbol of Kate Kane’s original Batwoman uniform. The photo also features a mane of red dyed hair. In this Canon, the hair is a wig which is detachable which gets torn away quickly and is better for surprising the thugs and the crooks who will attempt to grab it and yes, to conceal her identity.

Kate Kane first debuted in Detective Comics in 2006 32 series, but the character didn’t create many changes in the DC comics until her stint as the lead character in 2009. Artist J.H. Williams III and writer Greg Rucka collaborated to fill Kane’s backstory, and later they codified a fantasy filled visual representation for the character.

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Batwoman is the first gay member of the Bat-Family and one of Detective Comics’ first distinguished gay superhero. In 2011, Kane became the first character to feature her own DC Comics’ series.

Kate is Bruce’s cousin, Kate’s father is the cousin of Martha Wayne, and she is one of the twins daughters of military born parents. When Kate was 12 years old, her twin sister and her mother were kidnapped by gunmen, and later they executed her mother along with her sister before the American military could intervene. And because of this Kate joined the army as a way to honour the legacy of her mother. But she was thrown out from the military for her sexual orientation.

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Kate wasted her time and life by partying and racing, but eventually, Batman had inspired her to become Batwoman.

Rose will appear as Batwoman for the first time in the special crossover episode of Arrowverse on 9th December, and Batwoman solo series will follow next.

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