Even after cementing his legacy as one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Roger Federer is still as passionate about winning as he was two decades ago. The 37-year old tennis player continues to strive for more victories on the ATP circuit.

A setback at the Italian Open

Earlier this week, the Swiss suffered a huge setback ahead at the Italian Open when he was forced to withdraw due to injury. The Italian Open is one of the most important red clay tournaments on the ATP circuit. Not being able to compete at the tournament is a big blow to Federer’s preparation for the French Open. One of his main rivals, Rafael Nadal also expressed his regret at Federer being forced to withdraw.

It is a known fact that clay surfaces are not Federer’s strong suit. But for him, it is a matter of improving his skills further. The fact that even at this stage of his career, the will to learn and improve hasn’t diminished is characteristic of Federer’s work ethic.

Roger Federer

In the end, for him, it is the victories and the titles that matter, be these at any court – grass, clay or solid.

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Roger Federer – the Goal

Roger Federer has already won 20 Grand Slams, more than anyone in history. But the hunger to win more tournaments hasn’t diminished in him. Today, when he is on the wrong side of his thirties, every young player he faces is driven by the desire to be the giant-killer and take him out. Federer, on his part though, is not ready to give even an inch.

The fact is that creating a lasting legacy for himself is very important to Federer. He wants to win as many trophies as possible before his retirement and establish himself firmly as the greatest tennis player in the Open era.

Roger Federer

Records in sight

For this, he needs to upstage two of his fiercest rivals and contemporaries – Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. Djokovic has already managed to beat Federer to the post by winning all ATP 1000 titles. Federer, though, has his eye on replicating his Serbian rival’s achievement.

Federer is also in hot pursuit of Jimmy Connors’ record of 109 ATP wins. With 101 ATP titles at present, he should comfortably go past that, if injuries stay away.