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As Jughead did not appear in the flash forward scene in Riverdale season 3 finale, fans are worried for his future in season 4?.

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Surrounded by a lot of theories, Jughead’s disappearance could unveil his hiding or murder mystery.

Viewers predicted the death of Jughead but later shunned away from their own theory calling it “impossible.”

Riverdale Showrunners may take advantage of Jughead’s fate

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According to Riverdale showrunners, Jughead, played by Cole Sprouse, disappearance could be a theory of viewership advantage in Riverdale season 4. The missing of Jughead in the flash forward episode caused a lot more drama.

After the mysterious event, where Betty, played by Lili Reinhart, Archie, played by KJ Apa, and Veronica, played by Camila Mendes, did something wrong by burning blood-drenched clothes and a signature beanie of Jughead. Betty asked everyone to never talk about what happened.

Fans believe “Macbeth” going on in Riverdale

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Fans were shocked by the blood on Betty, Archie and KJ Apa’s clothes. And Jughead’s missing shocked them further.

A Reddit user, Purple chilli pepper believed the “Macbeth” thing is going to go down in Riverdale season 4.

The Macbeth theory alleged that Jughead went crazy and killed Charles, played by Wyatt Nash. Hence, it explains the blood. It is also alleged that after murdering Charles, Jugheads must be freaking out somewhere and hence did not appear in the flash forward scene.

Betty took the blame: The theorist

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According to the theorist, Betty took control and held responsible for the blame to cover up for Jughead.  She then asked help from Veronica and KJ Apa to burn the evidence.

The theorist further said:

“I think Betty went all Lady Macbeth and was the reason for the/driving force behind the murder.”

The flash forward scene is considered to be a huge part of Riverdale Season 4. The show might reportedly reveal what happened on a fateful night in two different timelines.

The CW hasn’t officially announced the release date for Riverdale season 4 yet. The fans are expecting a premiere later this year.