RIP Pua Magasive: Massive Tribute to Shortland Street Actor

    RIP Pua Magasive

    Family, friends and co-stars mourn over the death of Pua Magasive. Known for his one of the best performances in Shortland Street, a daily soap based out in New Zealand. The actor has been appreciated for his talent and perceived as a kind and humorous soul.

    Last Instagram post of Pua Magasive

    The Shortland Street’s actor, Pua Magasive, posted a heartwarming picture on his Instagram account with the caption, “Can’t beat my view atm” while holidaying at the Pakiri Beach last week. The picture received an abundance of love from Pua’s followers all over social media.

    On Saturday Morning, the body of the former actor of Shortland Street was found in Wellington. Later, a spokesperson from South Pacific Pictures confirmed his death. This led to a wave of grief all among the actor’s fan.

    Shortland Street: Journey to remember

    Pua Magasive gained global recognition for playing the role of Nurse Vinnie Kruse in Shortland Street for over seven years – appearing in more than 450 episodes. He is also remembered for featuring in TV shows like Power Rangers Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder, Outrageous Fortune, Sione’s Wedding, 30 Days of Night to name a few.

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    The news of the death of the actor absolutely devastated the entire cast and crew of Shortland Street.

    Bond with the family

    The thirty-eight-year-old star, Pua Magasiva, was born in Samoa and raised in Wellington with his older brother, actor, and colleague, Robbie Joseph Magasiva. Pua reportedly shared the special bond with his twin, Tanu and his brother, Robbie.

    Shortland Steet’s Pau recalls being neither terrible nor angel in his childhood.

    “Our parents had six kids to feed and there wasn’t much money to go around…I’ve always been the extrovert, the show off to the family,”

    Pua revealed in an interview with New Zealand Women’s weekly in 2015.

    Pau was survived by his wife Lizz Sadler and his daughter from his first marriage until his death.

    The news shook the industry, leaving numerous heart-wrenched tributes for the Nurse Vienne of Shortland Street, aka Pau Magasiva.

    #RIP Pua

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