Ride Along 3 release date cast Kevin Hart

Ride Along has been one of the funniest movies in recent times, with the hilarious duo of Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. Both of the main lead had such an amazing chemistry and humor chops, there was a sequel and the third movie is said to be in work.

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Ride Along 2 came out in 2016 and it has been 3 years since the fans of the movie are waiting for a third part. Will there be a Ride Along 3 or the movie franchise is dead? Here are the latest news and updates about Ride Along 3, and the reasons stating why there would be another movie.

Ride Along 3: Latest Updates

Ride Along 3 release date

The news of Ride Along 3 first started when Director Tim Story has stated that a third movie is in development and will be out soon. The second part, Ride Along 2 was a critical disaster, having just a 14% RT score, but it still did decent business on box office. The fact is Ride Along movies takes very less budget to develop, so even if they earn normal money, it is still a profit to the studios.

Also, both the stars, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube love their roles and are ready to reprise for Ride Along 3. The movie is not started yet, there is no finished script, still, it is believed that there will be a third movie. Ice Cube is also one of the producers of the movie, and he won’t let the cash grab go from his hand. While Kevin Hart is currently busy for shooting Jumanji 3, he would be free soon, It won’t take much time, once production starts, and Ride Along 3 could easily release in the year 2020.

Comedy Movie Trilogies

Ride Along 3 triology

If we look at the history of Hollywood, all of the funny comedy movies have made a trilogy before ending the franchise. Rush Hour 3, Men in Black 3, Hangover Part 3, etc all managed to go with a bang. So, it won’t be a surprise of Ride Along also manages to get a trilogy. Most likely, the news of Ride Along 3 as a final chapter in the trilogy will attract the viewers.