Richard Gere welcomed his initial kid when he was 50 years old. The actor brought his youngest kid into the world 2 years ago and has 3 kids. Richard is hesitant to share sensitive information about his family, discreetly guarding them to avoid unwanted recognition, and enjoys a peaceful lifestyle hidden from intrusive sights.

The star has known Spanish industrialist Ignacio Silva and his family for quite some time. Richard met Silva’s daughter, Alejandra in 2014. Alejandra at the time was a Spanish publicist, political activist, and philanthropist and was nearly 30 years younger than the star. However, deep sentiments developed amongst the pair from the start. Richard and Alejandra could not really keep their eyes staring away from one another.

Everything wasn’t really that straightforward at the start. Both Richard and Silva were reportedly dealing with legal separation from their partners at the time. Alejandra was convinced that the affair might end in disaster. However,  Richard’s decision was already established, and he continued to seek cooperation. Alejandra subsequently stated that sometimes partners have challenges towards the start of their relationship, and that’s what keeps them together.

Richard and Alejandra are careful about their kid’s confidentiality

The pair married in 2018. The couple also tries to handle their private affairs discreetly and maintain several hidden details. The marriage wasn’t even announced in widespread, eventually much later they found out. The first baby from the marriage Alexander was brought to the world in 2019, and Alejandra chose not to announce her pregnancy to the media in a rush. Alexander was quickly accompanied by a younger brother, born in 2020. The couple still has decided not to share his name. Alejandra is extremely careful about her kid’s confidentiality. Whenever she publishes images of her kids on social media she ensures that their faces are always hidden. Silva acknowledges that she has not been fascinated by show biz and has never desired to become an actor.

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Until a lengthy moment, Richard didn’t consider being a father. The star jokingly stated that it was far too soon for him to consider having kids since he remained a huge child in his heart. However, meeting Carey Lowell altered things.  Alejandra from a former spouse had one child, Hannah. The star experienced fatherhood primarily, and he seemed to enjoy it. The latest arrival to the family came naturally and it was appropriate for him. Richard’s son Homer James Jigme Gere was brought to the world in 2000. The two kids were named after Richard’s and Lowell’s dads, respectively, whereas the third is Tibetan for “fearless.”

Richard Gere: ‘The marginal stuff just doesn’t affect you ‘

Richard stated, “The marginal stuff just doesn’t affect you anymore when you weigh it against the real things in your life.” The Actor grew increasingly cautious in setting priorities while project selection. Whenever shooting required him to be gone for a lengthy duration of time, he constantly addressed this with his kid. If Homer was opposed, Richard politely turned down the opportunity since the family is much more precious than anything in the universe.

Richard stated that he was raised in a large household, and he always considered it simple to interact with youngsters. Richard’s folks assisted him in developing his unique parenting skills, which he currently employs to nurture his 3 kids. The Geres were also not wealthy, despite the fact that his father’s wallet was dry, he rarely failed to embrace and brighten up his entire family. Regardless of how challenging it has been, his parents always discovered a way to provide the kids with the greatest education and opportunities while still allowing them to follow their respective passions.

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Silva shared, “I’m not scared of rolling up my sleeves and diving into work. If I do something, I put 100% effort into it. If I can’t, I’d rather not do it.” Alejandra does indeed have a child with industrialist Govind Friedland from a prior relationship. Albert was brought into the world in 2012, and after the couple separated, he rotates between spending some time with each of his parental figures. Silva’s wedding barely lasted for three years, however, it was due to her former husband that she relocated to Italy where she started working as a hotel manager, where she got introduced to Richard Gere.

Alejandra Silva: ‘If I do something, I put 100% effort into it ‘

Alejandra Silva was nurtured inside a wealthy home. Her dad was a prominent industrialist as well as the VP of Real Madrid. Alejandra chose not to take benefit of her family’s fortune and instead sought to forge her own personal path. The star was concerned for a time thinking he may not be able to witness his children grow up. These concerns are understandable as you become a dad when you reach the age of 70.

Regardless, Richard feels that he’s indeed capable of providing for his boys and playing a crucial role in their future. And he vowed to his spouse of at least 20 blissful years of togetherness. Alejandra also remarks that, given his energy and stamina, her spouse can even outdo her. We are confident that Richard and his kids will have numerous joyful times and new discoveries awaiting them.