Dogs are the best and loyal friends to humans. They knew when we need them the most. One such example is the retired police dog from Florida.

In the case of this family, Margo and Brent Feaser along with their two young children- their pet’s loyalty and bravery- have gone through to the ultimate test. They live in the Orlando suburb of Longwood in Florida.

It was because of their german shepherd dog – Maxx, and their neighbors the family are alive today.

burning house

The Feaser’s neighbors. Mr.Chip Dover and his son, Andrew, and Joe Jordan were amusing in a late evening of stargazing outside their home in Longwood when they heard an explosion. They were neighbors of the Feaser’s family.

“We were outside with my telescope, looking at Jupiter with my next-door neighbor,”

Dover told the whole incident to the TODAY Parents.

“We were getting ready to come in when we heard a big explosion, and the house just blew up. We ran over there immediately and it was burning like crazy, and then we realized the family was still inside.”

Knocked Down the Window Panels

burning house

The members of the Dovers’ family managed to break the front windows of the Feasers’ home using furniture and was able to pull the Investigator officer. Seminole County, Florida Sheriff’s Department Investigator Margo Feaser fought back to saver her husband and two children. And Jordan called 911.

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As Chief Deputy Dennis Lemma said in reference to Margo-

Her primary concern was to get in there and to rescue her children. She’s an absolute trooper. She’s a hero within our organization and her actions tonight demonstrate that behavior. We’re very proud of her.

Soon the firefighters came and were able to rescue Margo’s husband- Brent. But their 4-year-old son, 2-year-old daughter, and their dog were still inside the burning house. Meanwhile, officers had to hold her back while firefighters jumped inside the house to save them instead.

burning house and maxx

Rescue efforts by the firefighters were proving more difficult due to heavy smoke that had filled in the house. But it was then Maxx who met the firefighters and made a way which leads them to the two children.

According to one of the Officer – it was Maxx then went back in service to help the firefighters find the two toddlers trapped inside the house. Thanks to Maxx. The family then was headed towards the nearest hospital. The conditions of each one are safer now as it was critical at the beginning – Officials informed.

House Burnt Completely

But this incident has completely destroyed the house. It has burnt all and everything, but thankfully because of the dog, people are live. According to the SCSO, the Florida Fire Marshal’s preliminary investigation has determined that the fire was accidental and originated from the back porch of the home.

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maxx dog

Maxx was treated for smoke inhalation and was hailed a hero for staying in the house with the children and for guiding firefighters inside the house.

Once a hero always a hero. This police dog has proved to be the best companion. They can risk their life and can do anything possible for their owners.

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