People are firmly on the side of the woman who recently put an end to her sister-in-ongoing law’s attempts to avoid paying expensive bills when they go out to eat. Her account of how she finally shut it down has won her support.

u/Slow-Pianist-4431 submitted a tale to Reddit’s Am I The A**hole community about how her sister-in-law, Amy, who is 26 years old, regularly stays with her and her husband when she travels from out of town and always tries to get them to go to pricey restaurants while there.

“She always conveniently forgets her wallet, or [comes] up with some excuses as to why she can’t pay her share,” she said. “She has implied that since I make much more money than her, I should be the one to pay (no, not my husband should pay, but me specifically). I do make a fair amount of money, but not so much that I can treat someone every time they come to town.”

She has always paid the bill in the end, but on a recent visit, she made the decision that enough was enough.

She predicted Amy would “forget” her wallet and used an excuse to return to the home after her husband and Amy left for the car, a maneuver she claims to have learned from the television show Two and a Half Men. Amy’s wallet was lying out in the open when she came across it, so she took it with her.

Sure enough, Amy forgot to ask for a shared bill after the meal and requested one right away.

“I reached in my purse and said, ‘this wallet?’”

Even though the poster ultimately paid the amount, Amy was indignant at being exposed for her garbage.


The way it all played out was largely amusing to readers, who praised the Redditor for not just quietly letting this continue to pass.


Additional ideas were also made, several of which called for cutting off Amy until she ceased exploiting her family.


Finally, she provided an update, acknowledging that Amy had seen the post and freaked out over it, but also saying that the whole ordeal had made her husband realize what was really going on.

“[Husband] has told Amy she’s not welcome here, at least not for a long while,” she wrote.