Cure for Alcoholism

Alcoholism has been one of the major addiction problems in the world. This is, especially in the United States. Moreover, getting over with the addiction is not easy. However, now the alcohol addicts may have a way to come out this addiction. Read the full story here.

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 Alcoholism may now be cured: the study

A study was conducted by the scientists at the Scripps Research and National Institute on Drug Abuse. They discovered that its love that can help addicts. Yes, you are reading it correctly.

According to the study, oxytocin will be helpful in getting over with the desire to have more alcohol. They now believe that this will be an effective pharmaceutical approach for curing alcoholism.

Cure for Alcoholism
Alcoholism may now be cured by love
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Oxytocin is the hormone that helps in social bonding it is also known as the love hormone. This is because it’s level increases during hugging and sexual activities. Sometimes, it is also known as the cuddle hormone.

How does the hormone works?

The study was conducted to learn the effects of the love hormone. This was specifically on a part of the brain. This part is known as amygdala.

The results were positive. Oxytocin could successfully block the desire to consume more alcohol.

Cure for Alcoholism
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However, this experiment was conducted on lab rats. The drug of oxytocin was inserted directly into the brain. It was also inserted systemically or intranasally. The drug fails to show effects on non-dependent rats.

The cuddle hormone works by blocking signals. These signals are from Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA). This is a neurotransmitter. It is a chemical that transmits signals.

Moreover, brain already produces this hormone. Therefore, this can be used to treat alcoholism.

The co-author of the study says that this will be a novel approach.

Moreover, the love hormone shows positive results of withdrawal. Marisa Roberto, therefore, feels that they are a step closer in understanding the reasons for this.

This study is published on the 16th of April.

There are about 40,000 Americans who suffer from alcohol addiction. Moreover, about 30 million suffer from alcohol abuse. This is according to a study. Alcohol abuse has become a public crisis. Moreover, it is very important to take measures against it. The discovery will be of great help for both.