Meet Mako the dog … the dog who is actually a cat…. A dog-cat if you will.

What is a dog-cat you ask? Well, some of you might have heard of this term before, while those of you who are unaware of it should know that it is used for a dog behaving or acting like a cat. It is an extremely unusual phenomenon, yet Beth and Sam Castiller are sure that they harboring one of these rare beasts in their home.

Mako copies his cat siblings at every opportunity

“The cats get up on the cabinets. Once he saw them doing that, immediately he was up there anytime they’re there.”

So how did Beth and Sam become the proud owners of a dog-cat?

The couple was looking forward to adopting a pet from the local shelter. But they had all their doubts and questions in mind. Asking themselves a question like, would the cats accept the dog, how will they react to the new member in their space. But when they first looked into the eyes of their two-year-old pitbull, all their doubts were put to rest.

Speaking to us about the moment when they first saw Mako Beth said,

“When we went to the pet shelter, Mako had looked over his shoulder and gave us direct eye contact and we just fell in love with the little guy” “At the time, he looked like a bobblehead because his head was so much larger than his body, we just thought he was adorable.”

They further shared “We initially kept the cats in a separate part of the house because we wanted to slowly introduce them to the new dog,”

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But they soon realised that Mako was not your typical Pitbull or typical dog in fact.

He never showed interest in cat toys, he never barked and when he was eventually introduced to the cats, they realized Mako was a dog-cat.

Mako began to follow the cats wherever they went and will often be found perching on a counter or a fridge or a window just like he’s new siblings, he even spends his time watching birds out the window, right by their sides.

Good for you Mako!

Mako has been happily accepted by each member of their family. And, they would not trade him for any other dog ever.