The Health outcome statistics of the population of a country stating the health profile of that country are the most suitable metric to analyse that how a country is serving the health-care needs of its citizens.

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, United States, gave a projection that was published in the Lancet last week. The Lance is a leading medical journal of British.

The data for it was extracted from the Global Burden of Disease Research Project which was supervised by the World Health Organization (WHO), in an attempt to identify the diseases which affect the health of most of the people worldwide and also to project their course in the future.

According to the journal, the United States is on the track of its third annual decline in the long life of its citizens, a trend which has not occurred in the past 100 years.

America’s average life expectancy from birth of 78.7 years, for the year 2016 is the reason for the United States slipping to 43rd position among st the 196 countries who were part of the research. Moreover, the researchers stated that by 2040, America will slip to 64th position, which is based on 79.8 years of longevity.

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The life expectancy is bound to increase by 1.1 years but its effect will be nullified by the improvements of the other countries which will be much better compared to America. The leader in this would be Spain, which will improve its life expectancy to 85.8 years by 2040 which is currently 82.9 years. Japan will take the second position, with its life expectancy obtaining 85.7 years.

The Republicans in Congress are taking no steps to improve the healthcare system of the United States, instead coming up with ideas for making it less serviceable.

Source: Latimes, flipboard