Representative Ilhan Omar has been battling the Anti-Semitic charges for weeks now. But on Sunday, Ilhan Omar’s recent insinuation on Twitter got her more of unqualified condemnation from her fellow Democrats.

The insinuation of Ilhan Omar is that the American support for Israel is fueled by money. This is from a pro-Israel lobbying group that has been backed up by Jews.

Joint Statement by House Democratic Leaders including Pelosi Condemning Ilhan Omar

Amongst the fellow democrats who condemned the statements of Representative of Ilhan Omar was Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker.

In a joint statement by five of the House Democratic Leaders which also included the speaker, Nancy Pelosi, they condemned the statements of Ilhan Omar.

The statement said that legitimate criticism of the policies of Israel is well protected by free speech as well as democratic debate that is shared by the United States and Israel.

The statement further stated that the use of anti-Semitic tropes along with the prejudicial accusations about the supporters of Israel by Ilhan Omar is deeply offensive.

They also said in the statement that they condemn these remarks. The Leaders also call upon the Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar to apologize immediately for those hurtful statements.

Pelosi’s statement regarding Ilhan Omar and anti-Semitic comments

Further, Pelosi also stated that she had had a word with Ilhan Omar. Pelosi also says that Ilhan Omar agrees that the moment must be used to move forward. This is because they (the Democratic Representatives) reject anti-Semitism in all forms.

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Representative Ilhan Omar Denounced for Comments as Anti-Semitic by Democratic Leaders
House speaker, Nancy Pelosi condemns Ilhan Omar for anti-Semitic comments
Source: Seriously Media

The Twitter comment by Ilhan Omar where she links money from American Israel Public Affairs Committee to the political support of Israel in United States came as a concern.

The statement of the leaders came out after few hours after the voicing of condemnation against Ilhan Omar by other Democrats.

Representative Elaine Luria and Josh Gotteimer even released a letter which called other Democratic leaders to speak out against any Democratic Representative who accuses dual loyalty or makes reckless statements.

Reaction of Ilhan Omar to the condemnation

Later on Monday afternoon, Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar even apologized “unequivocally”  for her controversial tweets.

Representative Ilhan Omar Denounced for Comments as Anti-Semitic by Democratic Leaders
Ilhan Omar apologizes for her anti-Semitic comments
Source: New York Post

This apologize was a reaction to the condemnation by the Democratic leaders.

Ilhan Omar stated that she was grateful to her colleagues as well as the Jewish allies. This is for educating her on the history of anti-Semitic tropes that was really painful.

She further added that her intentions were never to offend the Jewish Americans or even her constituents.

Source: NBC News, New York Times