Settlement of Remington rifle is official which includes free trigger replacement. Owners of over 7.5 million Remington rifles, have 18 months in hand to file a case. These Remington rifles even include Model 700 rifle.



While the company claims for the guns to be safe, the class action claims that the guns can fire even without being pulled by the trigger. Allegations have been investigated by CNBC which are denied by Remington that the company has hidden the reported defect for more than 10 years.

According to the plaintiff’s attorney, a marked settlement of an action class has gone officially into effect which involves Remington’s most renowned firearms.



This happened when the critics of the agreement disagreed to forward their case to the Supreme Court. Consequently, the owners of the Model 700 rifle who are million in number and Remington models of same designs have only 18 months in hand to file suit for their defective triggers of the alleged guns.

Source: CNBC

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