Red Sox in Game 2 of World Series at Boston raised a controversy against Dodger’s star Manny Machado who tried to play a cheat game. He is been blamed for swiping signs from second base.

Dana LeVangie, the pitching coach says that Machado openly signaled throughout Price’s fourth inning. LeVangie told the Bleacher Report that he wanted to intervene right away when Machado signaled first to Enrique Hernandez and then to Yasiel Puig, who hit a single that helped Machado to give Los Angeles a 2-1 score. Yet LeVangie told he didn’t want to create a mess at that state.

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Though Puig’s play led LA team to score up, Red sox with full swing beat them in the fifth inning and scored 2-0. At the end of the day, Steal game didn’t help out Machado in any way, hence could think off better.

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