Real Madrid’s Historical Loss

After Santiago Solari been made as the manager of Real Madrid, they played the first ever game and as a shocking news, lost the match at Eibar. There is no trace of history in the Real Madrid’s record as they were beaten by Basque minnows.

Real Madrid has never been beaten by Basque minnows, but on Saturday the history was changed by the Santiago Solari’s men. Again Thibaut Courtois was cursing his team’s poor defence.

A warm welcome has been given by Kike Garcia to the Real Madrid. A lengthy shot was thundered by Gareth Bale yet, flag got raised offside. Dani Ceballos hit the ball of Gonzalo Escalante’s and it was a clear hit. The total population of the town was only 27000 and it is understood that this leagues is one of the lowest budgeted for the club.

Riesgo, successful Keeper pushed the free kick of Bale. This frustrated Bale and had a clash with Cote which led to foul. Further referee had showed the appeals and had book the complaints.

At the second half, Real Madrid had to raise its playing standard but they were playing very slow like the beginning of the match. Raphael Varane was very in his playing with Garcia and there was no chance of Courtois. Then Courtois as a single handed had to save by Garcia stopping before it could make 4-0.

Inside the stadium of Ipurua there were only 6435 but they had a great day in witnessing the history of the country and club. There was no answer from Madrid but Eibar’s dominancy prevailed. Real Madrids were in need of higher than a teenage to save themselves from the season.

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