The last match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid was one of the best football matches ever played. The two same city rivals were ready to battle it out in the intense game, and the audience was the real winner. Atletico kind of thrashed the Real FC in a match which seemed kind of total domination from one side.

A total of 10 goals were scored in the 90 minutes of the game, and the public went crazy. Most of the match predictions were in favor of Real Madrid, but it was proved totally wrong as the Atletico didn’t give them a single chance to be back in the game. Here is the summary of the game between Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid and the Twitter reactions on the match.

Amazing game between the City Rivals

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Result Result Amazing Game

During the 51st minute of the game, the team of Atletico Madrid was led by a score of 6-0. It was hard to imagine that Read FC was not able to score a single goal and the Atletico managed to do it for six times. The first goal from the Real Madrid side came at the 59th minute by their defender Nacho. There were multiple substitutions, 3 Yellow cards, and 2 Red cards.

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The game was full of drama, and the players were at an intense mode. Diego Costa from the Atletico side scored 3 goals and was given the man of the match award. Real Madrid managed to score 2 goals during the last 5 minutes somehow to save some grace.

Twitter Reactions on the Game

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Result Twitter Reactions

Atletico Madrid fans are very excited about their win against Real Madrid and have shared it on Twitter. It was a total humiliation, and the Atletico side proved that you don’t need big names to perform well. Here are the best reactions from Twitter on the recent Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid game.