After a month, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 is finally out. Read ahead to learn how you can read the chapter online and all about its spoilers and release date.

Dragon Ball is among the most watched animes of the 90s and the 80s generation. The recent generation is witnessing the Dragon Ball Super go on. Admit it, we all hoped to be super Siyyan one day with the ability to do Kaaaaammeeee-haaaameee-haaaaa. Akira Toriyama is writing follow-up series of Dragon Ball called Dragon Ball Super. Toyotarou illustrates the Manga, and the anime movie is adapted and produced by Toei Animation. The Manga has released around 90 episodes; the next one will be out soon.

Gohan is the oldest son of Goku and Chi-Chi and the older brother of Goten.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 release date, time, spoilers, and more

As fans know, the manga only releases 1 chapter a month. Most fans hoped that it would be weekly or bi-weekly. Since the wait is long, so is the increased curiosity about what will be shown and how the story will progress.

The chapter is expected to be released on 19th March 2023. The spoilers and raw scans are to be released on 17th March 2023. For worldwide fans, we have the timing below.

  • 9 AM Pacific Time
  • 11 AM Central Time
  • 12 noon Eastern Time
  • 5 PM British Time  
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Chapter 90 summary 

When Krillin is on patrol for the police, he hears a woman shouting as she is running away in the opening scenes of Dragon Ball Super chapter 90. The eyes of one zombie android made by Dr. Hedo are depicted on the ground in the following panels. This group of robotic zombies is confronted by Krillin, who fires his rifle at them.

Trunks (blue hair) and Mai (black hair) as seen in the Dragon ball super movie.

Meanwhile, It is shown that Goten takes the bus to his school to hide his identity. Mai learns about the true identity of Sayaman 1 and 2, leading her to accept Trunk’s proposal to go out with him. Dr. Hedo gets captured and still plans to make the strongest androids ever. Even if it means by hook or crook.

Where to read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 online

Dragon Ball Super manga is available for fans to read online on Viz media and Manga Plus. English-translated version of Chapter 91 will also be there upon its official release.