Black Clover Chapter 354 initial release date got pushed back, but it’s finally here now. Read at your own risk because this post contains heavy spoilers and a guide on how to read the chapter online legally.

Release date of Black Clover Chapter 354

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Black Clover Chapter 354: On Break! Release Date, Plot & More To Know

There is a saddening piece of news for the fans of Black Clover. Well, this particular news has not been confirmed by the makers. However, most of the leak pages suggest that Black Clover Chapter 354 migh…
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The next chapter of Black Clover is set to release on 19 March 2023. Fans are excited to watch what will happen next.

Here are the release timings of Black Clover 354 in different time zones!

Black Clover Chapter 354
The next chapter is set to release on 19 March 2023.

Where can you read Black Clover Chapter 354 online?

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2023 is gonna be a fire year for #anime fans everywhere, I can feel it! 🤩 #DemonSlayer #BlackClover #BLEACH #DrSTONEダリヤ誕生祭 #JJK
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The manga is officially available on the manga plus service of Shueisha. You can take a subscription of this service and access the manga’s latest installment soon after its release.

Black Clover Chapter 354 Spoilers

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THREAD : Black Clover's foreshadowing 🍀

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The next chapter of the manga can take several paths. It will likely focus on the Black Bulls and how they are trying to free Asta from Hino Land. Ryuya’s conversation with them indicates that this is where the story might lead next.

In the next chapter, we might also get to see how Lucius responds and strategizes to move forward after losing three out of his four verified Paladins. We might get to know his plans. What does Lucius has in mind for the members of the Dark Triad? Will he steal their magical attributes or do something else? We will get to see it all in the upcoming chapter.

Another person who could be the focus of Black Clover Chapter 354 is Yuno. Asta and Yuno are in a close race most of the times with one another. This has been a constant narrative throughout the entire series. Read the next chapter to know more!